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Why volunteer?

Volunteering has many benefits for you and your local greenspace.

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Why volunteer?

Volunteering in Greenspaces

Parks and Open Spaces are important community spaces both for nature and for people. By becoming a Nottingham Green Guardian you can make a difference to greenspaces in Nottingham as well as benefiting from all the great things volunteering has to offer for the volunteer.

Be greener, healthier and happier – volunteer with Nottingham Green Guardians.

Motivations of Volunteers

Everyone has different reasons for giving up their valuable time. Some of our volunteers have skills and time to share and want to give back to their local communities. Some volunteers are wanting to gain new skills through volunteering, perhaps to gain employment within the greenspace sector but also other sectors, for example media or retail. Others are keen to make a difference for nature and contribute positively to the climate change crisis.

Whatever your reason for volunteering, you can make a real difference.

The Benefits of Volunteering

As well as the obvious benefits to greenspaces in Nottingham, volunteering for Nottingham Green Guardians has a range of benefits for the volunteer too. Many volunteering opportunities help keep volunteers active, improving both physical and mental health. Being in nature improves people’s well-being.

Volunteering offers the chance to learn new skills which can help future employment opportunities. It also offers people an opportunity to meet like minded people and socialise, reducing isolation and loneliness. Our volunteering opportunities are city wide and provide an opportunity to discover new places within the city.

Why volunteer?

What our volunteers say...

"As a volunteer… there is always a feeling of satisfaction when you have completed what you have set out to do, is appreciated by others."

Paul / Friends of Woodthorpe Park

Why volunteer?

What our volunteers say...

“Volunteering with MeGA gives me the chance to build a relationship with nature, it communicates with you the more time you spend in it.”

Matthew / Memorial Gardens Association

Why volunteer?

What our volunteers say...

“We both love nature and wildlife; they don’t deserve to live in a rubbish dump. Being a Clean Champion gives us a sense of achievement.”

Angie & Gavin / Clean Champions, Clifton

Why volunteer?

What our volunteers say...

“It is very different from doing you own garden and making it look nice, volunteering here gives me the feeling that you are doing something good for other people to enjoy.”

Robert / Bulwell Forest Garden

Why volunteer?

Benefits of Volunteering

Find a volunteer role

To give back to the community.


To help nature and the environment.


To gain new skills and knowledge.


To improve mental health and well-being.


To meet new friends and like-minded people.


To enjoy the outdoors and get fresh air.


To be part of a team and feel valued.


To keep active and improve physical fitness.

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