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Friends Of Woodthorpe Grange Park

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The Friends of Woodthorpe Grange Park after a volunteer session where they completed clearing the area surrounding the memorial to SAC Gary Thompson RAF (V) who was killed whilst serving in Afghanistan in 2008, with his widow Jaqueline.

Originally meeting at the Sherwood Community Centre, the Friends of Woodthorpe Grange Park was established in 2010 and following several venues, it now holds its bi-monthly meetings in the Grange on Woodthorpe Park. Originally under the chairmanship of Alex Staniforth. However, following his untimely death in 2021, the FoWGP is now chaired by Paul R. Swift.

There have been many ups and downs since the Friends of Woodthorpe Grange Park was established, none more so than in 2020 when all meetings and events had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, due to the severity of the pandemic, we had to wait until the following year before activities could be resumed.

When activities were eventually resumed, to bring back members it was decided to undertake a two-hour Saturday morning gardening session by just pulling up huge quantities of bindweed. Little did we know, through our activities on a Saturday morning, the two-hour Saturday morning gardening sessions have become one of the success stories having attracted curious members of the public and even a member of Nott’s TV who came to film and interview us one Saturday morning.

For the Friends of Woodthorpe Park the highlight came on Wednesday the 1st of June, 2022 when, amongst civic dignitaries, Woodthorpe Park celebrated its centenary, which culminated the following day when the beacon on the park was lit in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee.

On reflection, amongst all the celebrations, little did we know just three months later we would, as a nation, be mourning her death.

With several strings now attached to our bow, during seasonal galas held at the Plant Shop on Woodthorpe Park, there is one member who, as a local historian, leads heritage walks around the park, whilst another who is a retired horticulturist and landscape architect who leads tree walks around the park’s gardens.

Membership of the Friends of Woodthorpe Grange Park has always been free, however, to bring us into line with other friends’ organisations a decision was made that beginning in 2023 all members, both old and new will pay an annual subscription fee of £5.00 single membership and £10.00 for a family membership. For that, on the production of a current membership card, you will receive a 10 per cent discount in the Plant Shop. Negotiations are still ongoing concerning a discount at the café on Woodthorpe Park, which we hope will soon resolve itself.

Apart from the introduction of paid membership and the continuation of our current activities, for 2023 the Friends are looking to hold a series of public events that will not only bring more people to the park but attract new members as well. Therefore, we are asking you, as members of the public, to let us know what sort of events you would like to see taking place on Woodthorpe Park.

What we are looking for is small events that can be organised locally. For example, the members of the Friends of Woodthorpe Park could have an Easter egg hunt Therefore, I would ask you all to put your thinking caps on and come up with a few ideas. Don’t worry if what you think is an idea that won’t work, it just may!

For more details, visit the Friends of Woodthorpe Grange Park at If you are on Facebook or Twitter, you can access further information from the homepage of the FoWGP’s website.

Paul R. Swift, Chair, Friends of Woodthorpe Grange Park.

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