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Friends of Sunrise Hill

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Helping the sun shine at Sunrise Hill Nature Reserve.

Sunrise Hill Nature Reserve in Bestwood has a fascinating history linked to Bendigo, Nottingham’s famous bare-knuckle fighter but not only that, it is also a local site of ecological importance and is great for butterflies, moths and birds.

Will and Amanda from the Friends of Sunrise Hill group said “We started caring for Sunrise Hill after volunteering here with the Wildlife in the City program, it’s a great site for seeing wildlife and we’ve seen Small Copper Butterfly as well as many others. There’s a fox’s den on site, although not in use at the minute”. 

Sunrise Hill is not only an inner-city haven for wildlife but a peaceful greenspace for citizens to enjoy “there is a beautiful area of open grassland surrounded by trees which is hidden off the path and we love the view from the top of the hill. It really is quite the viewpoint”

In May 2021, the Green Groups Fund awarded the Friends of Sunrise Hill £100 towards the purchase of new tools and equipment so that they can continue to help manage this site and they hope to get more volunteers on board so it becomes a place for citizens and wildlife to thrive. The group want to start new regular monthly sessions, install planters at the entrance and make sure they can keep paths open so that local people can enjoy the space safely.

Sandra Horner, Nottingham City Councils Volunteer and Tree Planting Coordinator said, “Will and Amanda are really passionate about Sunrise Hill, it is great to see local people caring about sites close to them and helping to make Nottingham greener.”

If you want to learn more or get involved with the Friends of Sunrise Hill, visit their facebook page



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