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Are plants just for pollinators?

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Are plants just for pollinators?

Well if you are hear on the Nottingham Green Guardians site then I think you will already know that greenspace is massively important to us all here and so it is making our City, including residents and visitors greener, happier and healthier.

There are various studies and pieces of research that tell us how important pollinators are, not only are they vital to pollinate food crops that equates to every third mouthful of food we eat, they are vital for the survival of wild plants that support other wildlife.

We know that pollinators are at risk, the European Red List for Bees reports that almost one in ten species of wild bee face extinction. The State of Nature Report suggests that half the bee, butterfly and moth species have declined (2013 study).

There doesn’t seem to be a simple answer to why our pollinators are in decline but a mixture of habitat loss, changing land use, fragmentation of nesting and breeding sites, climate change, insecticides, reduction in the amount and quality of flowering resources and there are various NGO’s, charities and not for profit organisations that both give advice and ask their members (and the general public) to take action for pollinators such as;

There is also a growing body of evidence that visiting greenspaces, connecting with nature and volunteering outdoors has numerous personal benefits for people, including a reduction in stress and anxiety, improved mental wellbeing, improve cardiovascular health amongst lots of other benefits for people and the planet.

However, what if you don’t have your own garden to turn into your very own green oasis? Across our city, teams of staff, friends of groups, associations and volunteers are working to create new bee friendly areas, butterfly meadows, plant and maintain a variety of flowering bulbs and plants and you can join in to help us.

Our volunteer plantsperson role, is suitable for both beginners and green fingered experts, they volunteer at various sites. By signing up you will get invited to our regular sessions at Northern Cemetery, Highfields Park, Nottingham Arboretum and Lenton Recreation Ground.

Lenton Recreation Ground is a reasonably new project for the group and the small team have been giving their time to plant new bedding into the raised beds, cleared sections of the peace garden of ‘weeds’ and edged up beds, planted hundreds of bulbs on site.

It’s so fulfilling working with volunteers across the city and at Lenton Rec we’re really making progress in the peace garden. Thank you to everyone who gives their time within our parks and well done for all the hard work!” Hilary, Greenspace Development Officer

We’d love some new volunteers for Lenton Rec’ and they meet on the third Tuesday of each month at 10am, by the Peace Garden (Church Lane side of the park) for a couple of hours volunteering to help make a big impact across the site.

If we don’t have a session that fits then you could try one of the fabulous green groups around the city who look after a wide variety of sites, including;

  • Friends of Sunrise Hill, a group who predominantly undertake conservation tasks but have a couple of wonderful flower beds near the Landcroft Crescent entrance. Meeting once a month on Saturday mornings you could make a hue difference to this small but determined team to make a difference to wildlife on their doorstep.
  • Memorial Gardens Association (MeGA) help to promote and enhance the memorial gardens at Victoria Embankment, meeting on a Monday morning with a group of very friendly faces (and usually some very good cake)
  • STAA, a charitable organisation at St Ann’s allotments manage a huge variety of projects for you to get involved in
  • Green’s Windmill Trust volunteers in Sneinton meet every Friday to care for the garden behind Green’s Mill.
  • Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens in the Meadows have both regular (Tues, Weds, Thurs and Sat) and seasonal volunteering opportunities as well as a range of family friendly events you can get involved in.
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